The Gift of Motherhood

Hey y’all! Thanks for dropping by! Today, I’m going to talk about my journey through motherhood. I didn’t expect that my role as a mother would forever change my perspective in life. To teach myself how to raise a child of my own is a very challenging responsibility given to me by God ~ the author of life. I consider motherhood as a special gift from God. In fact, it’s the greatest gift that I treasure most in my heart. Being a mother is very challenging, yet very rewarding. I like it when my son calls me “Omma”. It’s like a sweet music to my ears. Well, “omma” is a Korean word which means “mommy” in English.

When my husband and I found out that we were expecting a baby, we just couldn’t hide our excitement. We told our family and friends about the good news. We were ecstatic to welcome the newest member of our family.


On September 29, 2012, I gave birth to a beautiful baby boy ~ our precious son, Ji Hoon. He weighed 2.95kg. I was a little emotional to see my son for the first time. He was the cutest thing ever!

Harry and I are so blessed to have Ji Hoon and we couldn’t ask for more. Everyday spent with him is a blessing. He is our little bundle of joy. We could hardly believe that our little boy is already going to celebrate his 3rd birthday in September. He is growing too fast! He has grown a lot from a cute baby to a handsome little boy. We’re planning to throw a small party at home on his 3rd birthday or visit Pororo Land in Seoul since he loves Pororo a lot. We want to make his birthday special because we love him so much and we only want to give him the best. We couldn’t imagine life without Ji Hoon. He inspires us to improve ourselves as individuals and to become the best parents in the world.  FB_IMG_1426360122192


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