Road Trip: Sancheong, Jirisan and Handong

Yesterday, we traveled from Uiryeong to Donguibogam Village which is located in Sancheong. As I can remember, it took us about 2 hours before we arrive to our destination. Donguibogam Village is a tourist landmark which consists of the Traditional Herbal Medicine Tourist Site, Donguibonga Healing Town, and  Oriental Medicine Natural Recreation Forest. They don’t have enough fun activities but I enjoyed the beautiful scenery inside the village. After that, we headed straight to Jirisan where we spent a night at a small condotel. The view outside our room was breathtaking. The next day, we traveled to Hadong to see the traditional houses. That was our last stop before we headed back to Uiryeong. We stayed there for about an hour. The place was nice because of the beautiful scenery. You can see a lot of mountains surrounding the area where the traditional houses are located. If you are a nature lover, I would recommend you visit this place. We were all dead tired after the trip but I am sure that everyone had fun and enjoyed it.20150531_16303620150531_162317-120150601_06202820150601_12143020150601_12132820150601_121729


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