A Simple Life

image My family and I moved to South Korea last April 2, 2015. We’ve been staying at my husband’s family’s residence in Uiryeong County, Gyeongsangnamdo since we arrived. Uiryeong is a small town located near Busan. It only takes an hour to get to Busan from Uiryeong by car. image I wasn’t really happy with the idea of staying in the countryside because I grew up in a small city in the Philippines. I know that life in the countryside is very boring. You don’t have any exciting things to do around here. Not enough neighbors, too! We’ve been staying here for almost 3 months already and I must admit that I do get bored most of the time. image image But one thing I like about this place is that I can get to breathe fresh air. The beautiful view outside the house is refreshing to look at. You can see mountains and tress everywhere. My in-laws also work on their field every morning. They plant different varieties of vegetables. My mother-in-law cooks delicious food every meal and she cooks fresh vegetables straight from their garden. image image image image image image Life in the countryside is so simple. That’s the reason why my husband’s family (his parents and grandmother) chose to live in Uiryeong. It’s a quiet place where they can relax and enjoy the nice view outside the house. My son likes it here, too. Since the house has a wide front yard and back yard, he enjoys playing and running around the house. But still I prefer to live in the city area. Thank God because we are moving to Busan next month. Oh, I’ve been looking forward to living in Busan since we got here. Hahaha!


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