The Gift of Motherhood

Ji Hoon's Mommy Blog

Hey y’all! Thanks for dropping by! Today, I’m going to talk about my journey through motherhood. I didn’t expect that my role as a mother would forever change my perspective in life. To teach myself how to raise a child of my own is a very challenging responsibility given to me by God ~ the author of life. I consider motherhood as a special gift from God. In fact, it’s the greatest gift that I treasure most in my heart. Being a mother is very challenging, yet very rewarding. I like it when my son calls me “Omma”. It’s like a sweet music to my ears. Well, “omma” is a Korean word which means “mommy” in English.

When my husband and I found out that we were expecting a baby, we just couldn’t hide our excitement. We told our family and friends about the good news. We were ecstatic to…

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