F6 Visa Extension

Hello everyone! This morning, my husband and I went to the immigration office in Busan to process my F6 (spouse) visa extension. When I processed my spouse visa a year ago, I was only given a 1-year sojourn. However, I heard that if you attend the Happy Start Program sponsored by the immigration office, you would be given a 2-year sojourn. Since my F6 visa expires in June, I had to extend it ahead of time to avoid paying the penalty for not renewing it before the expiration date.

Here are the requirements we submitted at the immigration office:

1.) Passport

2.) ARC (alien registration card)

3.) Medical Certificate

4.) Family Registration Certificate (I don’t know what they call it in Korean.)

5.) A proof of my husband’s Korean citizenship.

6.) Spouse Visa Extension Fee: 30,000 won

For F6 visa holders who have kids with their Korean spouses, the immigration office usually gives a 2-year extension. Applying for visa extension is quick. You can get it done in less than 30 minutes.

You can see on the back of my ARC that I was granted a 2-year sojourn. That means I can stay in South Korea for the next 2 years. Thank God! I don’t have to go back to the immigration office next year! 🙂


5 thoughts on “F6 Visa Extension

  1. I’ve been told and led to believe the Happy Start Program is mostly for those spouses which come to Korea through marriage programs and have little to no knowledge of Korean culture. That this program isn’t necessary to get a 2-year extension. Since my initial F-visa issuance and the 3 times that I’ve renewed it, I’ve always been given a 2-year extension. It really depends on the interviewer/worker that you talk to at the immigration office. I was also told that if you have a child, they will renew it for a 3-year extension.
    I agree it’s quick and painless. But make sure you sign up for an appointment at hikorea.go.kr. Otherwise, you could spend the better part of your day at the immigration office.

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  2. What mind of medical check do I need to to for this? Do you know how it’s called in Korean? And what about husband’s proof of citizenship? Isn’t his passport enough? What do I need to prepare? Thanks!!


  3. My problem is my address is change, and name of me not my husband address because my husband out of country for working, immigration can give me a renewal f6? All requirements are ready but my problem is my house adress not my husband name its me.


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