What Do You Know About Korea?


For those who don’t know, Korea is located in Asia and during the World War II (a.k.a Korean War), it was divided into two parts: North Korea and South Korea. North Korea is a communist country while South Korea is a democratic country. I decided to write an article about South Korea because I wanted to share with you guys some interesting facts about this fast-growing Asian country which is also known as the “Land of the Morning Calm”. South Korea is one of the most developed and highly modernized countries in Asia. Its capital Seoul is one of the most visited tourist destinations in Asia. South Korea itself is a beautiful country and it has a lot of wonderful things to offer. I’ve always been fascinated by the beauty of their culture. They have a very interesting history and most Koreans strictly follow their traditions. Korea’s traditional clothes is called “hanbok” and their alphabet is called “hangul” which was created by King Sejong during the Joseon Dynasty. As some of you may know, Korea was ruled by Kings and Queens a long time ago. Have you watched the famous Korean historical drama “Queen Seondeok”? Basically, the drama was inspired by the life of Queen Seondeok. She was the first reigning queen of Silla, one of the 3 kingdoms of Korea. A long time ago, Korea  was dominated by 3 kingdoms: Goguryeo, Baekje and Silla. Interesting history, isn’t it? fullsizephoto93147queen-seon-deok-011

In South Korea, KPOP (a.k.a Korean Pop) is very popular among teenagers. Some middle-aged Koreans also like listening to KPOP. Boy bands and girl bands are also called “Korean Idols”. Even in the Philippines, KPOP is becoming a trend and a lot of KPOP pinoy fans go gaga over Big Bang, 2NE1, EXO, Super Junior and Girls’ Generation! Many young girls adore these KPOP idol groups because the members are not only good at singing but they are also great dancers. There are too many Korean idol groups in South Korea and most of them undergo years of strict and vigorous training before they can finally debut as a member of an idol group or as a solo artist. No wonder why they always show their best during their stage performance. I am also a fan of KPOP. I personally like Big Bang and EXO. Haha! One thing I like about KPOP music is that it’s upbeat and catchy. It has a good vibe to it. By the way, do you still remember Sandara Park, “Ang Pambansang Krung-Krung ng Pilipinas”? This girl has made a name for herself in South Korea as the prettiest member of the famous girl group, 2NE1! Who would have thought that this pretty Korean girl who became popular in the Philippines after joining Star Circle Quest in 2004, would eventually become one of the most famous artists in South Korea today? Even though Sandara Park is already famous in South Korea, she still speaks Tagalog and visits the Philippines whenever she gets a chance.

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Beauty is everything in South Korea. Most Koreans love to look beautiful and youthful, and that’s the reason why they invest too much on beauty products. In the Philippines, most Filipino women also love using Korean brand cosmetic products. Some of the most famous cosmetic brands in South Korea are Etude House and The Faceshop. I personally like using The Faceshop’s BB cream because it does not feel sticky and heavy on my face. I’ve been using it as a make-up base since last year. The quality of the product is superb because it blends perfectly well with my complexion after allowing it to set on my face for a few minutes and I like how it moisturizes my skin without making my face look too oily. Plastic surgery in South Korea is very common. It’s not really a big deal for them. Some Koreans opt to undergo plastic surgery for beauty enhancement and to make them feel confident about their physical appearance.